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Below Ground Tanking Solution, Redruth TR1

Sealants and Additives

Item for Sale
New unused and unopened (because of abandoned project) 25 litres of SBR Bonding agent with 5 tubs of 25kg CBP Tanking Slurry

Total cost was £474 (SBR Cost £144, 5 tubs of slurry mix @ £66 each).

This unique cementitious tanking slurry can be used below ground where water pressure is encountered within building structures such as cellars, bunds and other below ground areas like vehicle inspection pits.

CBP Tanking Slurry is a premixed formulation of plastic modified hydraulically setting powder. When mixed with water and SBR Bonding Agent it can be applied to a masonry substrate to form a monolithic bond, blocking the passage of water as well as becoming an integral part of the structure.

SBR Bonding Agent is used as a primer between coats and diluted 3:1 in the gauging water. This will create a structural waterproofing system commonly referred to as tanking.

Note: each 25KG bucket covers approximately 4-5 square metres
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